About Us

We are focused on bolstering the pipeline of minority innovators who impact Silicon Valley. This project will provide training and education opportunities for multiple age groups to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that can develop technological innovations with far-reaching social impact.

Meet the Team



This program is vital in creating and learning different ways to start a business.


Enhancing Your Vision

EDIT, has transformed my life, enhanced my vision and has given me the tools to succeed in anything that I set out to do. I am forever grateful for the EDIT team.


Fulfilling Dreams

EDIT has allowed me to fulfill my dream of starting a business that focuses on empowering women to be their best possible selves, living their best lives. Thank you EDIT and Dr. Eugene.


Harnessing Potential

Attending this program equipped me with the information that I needed to start my business. After the class I had a better understanding of my business potential.


Expanding Horizons

The Edit program empowered me to think like a business woman and the resources to express my ideas accordingly.