EDIT Overview

EDIT is a free pre-incubator program that works with underserved minorities of East Gainesville to help them launch tech-based businesses. EDIT supports a multi-week workshop on IT, social entrepreneurship, and finance that is designed to support the launch of a small business idea. In order to bring projects into fruition, teams of students, led by a project manager, work with the entrepreneurs to develop technologies envisioned and designed by them into high fidelity prototypes. Each startup has a development team of UF students. The students will gain practical experience in rapid prototyping that will make them stand out and marketable upon graduation.

Success Stories

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Natural Hair Headquarters

Check out the Natural Hair Headquarters website to see what we helped them achieve.

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Check out the Prisontations website to see what we helped them achieve.

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Check out the DeepRoots website to see what we helped them achieve.

EDIT 1st Cohort

EDIT Cohort Highlights

The first EDIT Cohort started in October 2017. The participants went through the training and started building on their ideas with the UF EDIT team.click here for more details

EDIT Application

EDIT Applications – Coming Soon

The EDIT (Entrepreneurial Diversity and Information Technology) program will focus on supporting community members in launching business endeavors with social missions. Throughout their participation, cohort participants will be matched with industry partners who will serve as mentors as well as computer science graduate students who will support the technical development of products.

New cohort forming for Spring 2021 – https://wedocase.org/edit-apply/